Wager Rewards



Q) What is a point spread?
A) ‘A point spread is typically created by odds makers and is how many points a team or individual must win by.  For example, if Team Blue is a -7 point spread that means they must win by at least 7 points.  However if Team Blue is a +7, they must lose by less than 7 points, or win.
Q) What is a free play?
A) ‘Think of a Free Play as a ticket.  Once you have free plays, you can use them to wager on games.  Typically you can use up to 3 free plays on any wager.

Q) How do I earn a free play?
A) ‘The main way to earn free plays is by purchasing food at a restaurant.  For every $25 you spend, you receive a free play.  While you are still at the restaurant press the earn button on the home page or in the menu, scan the QR code at the table, and take a picture of your receipt.
Q) How do I place a wager?
A) ‘From the home screen, go to Upcoming Games. From there you can choose a game and a point spread that you feel is a winner.  After that just select how many free plays you would like to use and place your wager!
Q) How do I earn points?
A) ‘Once you have placed a wager, you should see it in either your current wagers or past wagers depending on if the game is finished or not.  If your wager wins, you will get points depending on how many free plays you wagered.
Q) How do I redeem points?
A) ‘To redeem your points for rewards either choose the Redeem button on the home screen or the menu, select a reward, and choose redeem.  It will ask you to type in the word \’redeem\’.  From there make sure to show the next page to a manager to get your reward!
Q) What happens if a wager ends in a tie?
A) ‘In Wager Rewards a tie (or push) results in a loss for a Wager.  You must do better than the point spread.
Q) What happens if a game I wagered on gets postponed?
A) ‘Typically for a postponed or canceled game you should receive your free plays back.  If you think you did not get them back please contact support.
Q) What is heating up?
A) ‘If you win 4 wagers in a row you will be heating up.  Win 5 in a row and you are on fire!  This means you will receive an additional free play.  Win 10 in a row and get 2 more additional free plays.  At 15 you would get 3 more!